Users should always be able to receive information when using a head-mounted display (HMD) anytime, anywhere. Users can watch content shown on an HMD hands-free even when moving or working. It seems that presenting specific information affects humans. In this paper, we investigate the effects on listening to speech information that are caused by presenting animation on an HMD. It is difficult to listen to information that is presented in noisy surroundings. If the solution were only to turn up the volume, we would feel uncomfortable because this is very inconvenient. Therefore, by additionally presenting animation, we aim to make it easy for users to listen to speech information. With our method, we use lip-sync animation that matches specific speech information. We performed two experiments to determine whether it is easier to get speech information with animation.

Naoya Isoyama, Tsutomu Terada, and Masahiko Tsukamoto: Evaluating Effects of Listening to Content with Lip-sync Animation on Head Mounted Displays, The 4th Workshop on Ubiquitous Technologies for Augmenting the Human Mind (WAHM), UbiComp/ISWC Adjunct 2017, pp. 666–672 (Sep. 2017). [ACM DL]

磯山直也, 寺田 努, ロペズ ギヨーム: HMD上のリップシンクアニメーションが会話の聞き取りに与える影響の調査, 情報処理学会マルチメディア, 分散, 協調とモバイルシンポジウム (DICOMO 2016) 論文集, pp. 1769–1775 (July 2016).